A genuine dessert specialist invents and prepares the most delicious desserts. Once more the ingredients are seasonal. The desserts will be a feast both for the taste buds and for the eyes.


Chocolate- mocha bombe│caramel and salted peanuts filling│cream of mascarpone and amarula cream liquor
€ 9.20

Mandarin orange “pie”│home-made cardamom ice cream│clove meringue│mandarin orange jelly
€ 9.20

Lemon tea cake│Gin & Tonic sorbet│rosemary crumble│juniper berry cream
€ 9.20

Grand dessert│selection│ our desserts│diverse│home-made 
€ 12.00

Cheese│selection│international│kletzen-fruit bread│variable sweet 
€ 14.00

Dessert│De Vier Seizoenen Menu│daily│variable│season 
€ 9.20

Leonidas chocolate pralines│to have with coffee or tea | delicacies│variable│price per 2 bits
€ 4.00


Created by: Free Design