A starter has to activate and stimulate the taste buds. Of course our starters have been prepared with a selection of seasonal ingredients of the highest quality. Each starter has been garnished with care and skill. So eat your hart out.


Caprese Salad De Vier Seizoenen│buffalo mozzarella│basil coulis│marinated mini tomato│crispy puff pastry│olive crumble

€ 12


Salmon tataki│mandarin-Ponzu dressing│wasabi meringue│daikon cresssalad│crispy nori

€ 13


Carpaccio│thinly sliced irisch beef│semi matured cheese│walnut│green olive mayonnaise│sweet and sour beetroot 

€ 13                             Extra duck liver shavings + € 6


Duckliver terrine│poached pear chutney│yellow curry mayonnaise│endive salad 

€ 15


Monkfish fillet│fried in bacon│pumpkin-curry cream│braised Puy lentils│beurre blanc sauce with whole grain mustard

€ 14


Starter│De Vier Seizoenen Menu│variable│ please ask our staff 

€ 13


Entremets│De Vier Seizoenen Menu│variable│please ask our staff  

€ 11


All our starters may be ordered, if desired in a larger quantity, as a main dish.

Any allergies? Please let us know and we will help you!

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